Gate & Door Interfaces

Gate & Door Interfaces

PTI Security Systems Europe will advise on the specification and supply of many types of gates, barriers and doors interfacing with the access control system. Specify gooseneck bollards for PTI Keypads.


Gooseneck Stands

The PTI gooseneck stand is designed for PTI keypads when it is used in a drive up application. The keypad mounting plate contains a wiring hole that allows the wire to be fed up through the stand from underground conduit and three mounting holes that match the keypad back plate mounting holes. The mounting holes are tapped for an 8-32 machine screw. The bottom plate of the gooseneck stand contains a centre conduit hole and four mounting holes arranged on 4-inch centres. There is a cover plate which slides down over the bottom plate after mounting to hide the mounting plate bolts.

It is highly recommended that the gooseneck stand be electrically grounded to minimize the impact of lightning and static atmospheric charge on the keypad. It is also recommended that the installer seals the conduit hole inside the stand to prevent moisture from entering the keypad.

PTI offers the gooseneck stand with a 12” offset.



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