CCTV Monitors/Viewing


CCTV Monitors

View the facility using the site graphics application through a monitor in the office. A separate monitor can display live video from cameras positioned throughout the facility. CCTV Monitors help site managers see it all from the office and create a sense of comfort for customers. High-performance video monitors in a variety of sizes are perfectly suited for displaying CCTV, Site Graphics, and other facility video feeds.

Our LED monitors with Full HD a native 1920×1080 panel resolution are optimised for CCTV applications and designed for 24/7 use.  Benefiting from the latest on-board LED panel technology that offers excellent picture quality along with a fast 8ms response time.

State of the Art Viewing

High Definition Plasma and LCD displays are now available for any CCTV system. Match the CCTV monitor to the PTI Site Graphics display for an impressive reception design that promotes high-security to self storage clients.

Choose from 19, 26, 32, 42 or 46” state of the art monitors.




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