Facility Surveillance

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PTI CCTV & Facility Surveillance
PTI Security Systems Europe offers the design of CCTV systems specifically for self storage from many years of experience. This means specifying high-performance equipment and placing cameras for a cost-effective solution. Cameras will be placed to cover the perimeter, and specific external and internal areas of the premises including reception, loading bay, fire-doors, lifts and stairs. The cameras will all feed back to the reception, where they will be recorded on a 24 hr basis.

Digital video recorders are specified and configured for optimum performance and recording times. All new installations with use IP technology for DVRs and cameras. For upgrading existing systems, a Hybrid DRV may be installed that combines digital analogue and IP technology.

CCTV surveillance systems from PTI Security Systems Europe provides protection against vandalism and theft while providing maximum monitoring capabilities for the security of the occupants, operators and owners.

A DVR provides split-screen viewing of live video on a monitor and protects an owner’s investment by recording incidents that could result in property loss or damage.